If you want to give your sweetie a treat, a sensual massage might be in order. It's perfect if your significant other has had a rough day, or maybe you want to celebrate a special event. It's easy to do and benefits you both!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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How to Give a Sensual Massage | eHow.com

How to Give a Sensual Massage | eHow.com

Step 1

First, set the scene. The bedroom is the perfect place for a sensual massage, but you can really do it in any room. If, for example, you have a fireplace in your living room, set up shop there.
Step 2

Declutter your work area. It will be hard for your partner to relax and get into the mood if there's a mess. Put clean sheets on the bed (or the floor! This can get messy, so make sure the floor is protected from oils and such.)
Step 3

Scatter candles around and play some soft music. Take your partners personality into consideration though- some prefer silence.
Step 4

Start by massaging your partners face and head. No need to use oils when you do this- it will feel gross. Sit cross-legged, and have your partner put their head in your lap (face up.) Run your fingers several times through your loved ones hair, from the base of the neck to the top of the head. Massage the temples in circles. Grasp large chunks of hair close to the roots, and tug gently, but be careful not to hurt your partner. Using your fingertips, lightly stroke the forehead, starting at the center and moving towards temples. Stroke from the center of the nose, across the cheeks, to the ears. Tease your partners lips with a fingertip.
Step 5

Have your partner lie face down. Lubricate hands with the massage oil or lubricant of your choice. Begin at the neck, using thumbs to "knead" neck and upper back. Work across one shoulder, down the arm. Wrap your hand around the upper arm and use a twisting motion to massage down the length of the arm. Use fingertips to stroke the back of the hand. Using your thumb, make circles in their palm. Interlace your fingers with theirs, and squeeze. Gently rock their fingers back and forth. Stroke each finger from base to tip. Work back up their arm, across the other back to the other side, and repeat.
Step 6

Lightly drag fingers from the backs of their hands, up the arms and across the shoulders to meet in the center of the back. The touch should be feather-soft, but shouldn't tickle.
Step 7

Stroke up and down your partners back, one hand on each side. Use firm but gentle pressure, and don't work directly over the spine. Use thumbs to make circles on the lower back, and gradually work down to your partners buttocks. Some people don't want anything near their "back door," so skip this part if your partner seems jumpy or uncomfortable.
Step 8

Knead the back of one of your partners legs, starting just below the buttocks and working all the way down the leg. Be careful on the back of the knee (this is a very ticklish spot for some!) Press with fingertips all around the ankle. Move the foot back in forth and in circles. Grasp the foot with both hands. The fingers should be on the top side of the foot, the thumbs on the sole. Stroke firmly from heel to toe. Make circles in the arch. Bend toes gently upward to give a good stretch. Run fingers up the leg, across the buttocks or lower back, and to the opposite side. Repeat for other leg.
Step 9

Ask partner to turn over. Straddle your partner and massage the arms and hands again from the front. Now is a good time to teasingly kiss their eyelids, cheeks, lips, and neck.
Step 10

Rub the chest and stomach, using light, feathery strokes. Be careful not to push too hard- it can be uncomfortable or even painful. Work down the sides and massage the sides of the hips- you can use a firmer touch here.
Step 11

As your hands move from the torso to the legs, you will hit all kinds of erogenous zones. You can pretend to be very professional, and pay no attention to their reaction- or you can give them a naughty smile and keep right on rubbing. Either way, you will drive them crazy (in a good way!) Massage the legs, using the same techniques you used on the backs of the legs. The fronts of the shins can be very sensitive, so use a light touch here.
Step 12

When the massage is finished, you can go back over especially sensitive spots with a feathery touch to heighten their anticipation even more, or you can move right on to the happy ending- use your own special techniques here!

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